64 Colors' art is like a treasure map to a confectionary wonderland. Fresh, sweet-toothed friends sprout along the path and act as guides into a fairy-tale forest. It is a world where pineapples dance, acorns go on adventures, and kittens eat ice cream. At the center of this magical place, is Marshall, 64 Colors' signature marshmallow character. Marshall's mutiny of cuteness began with a letterpress print in 2008, and he quickly bounced into the third dimension as a successful vinyl toy series. In the years that followed, Marshall appeared soft as plush and hard as wood, dark and heavy for Halloween, or light and airy as a paper lantern.

64 Colors has worked with companies including Sanrio, Blue Q, Disney, Scholastic, Pearson Education, Harcourt, and Kidrobot. They are regularly commissioned to create custom toys, and their fine art paintings have been displayed in exhibitions worldwide from Los Angeles to New York, London and Tokyo.

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